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The Reality Store™

The Reality Store™ simulates for students what the near future might be like through a series of stations where young adults get to spend a day in the life of a single parent of four or enjoy the budgetary freedom of being married without kids as they navigate their finances from booth to booth making the best choices in regards to where to live, what to eat, where to shop, how best to commute, the hassle of expensive cable and cell phone plans, and more while trying to make it to the end of the course without going bankrupt.

The Reality Store™ is an ideal program for parents interested in teaching their school age children the value of a dollar whether they’re in the 5th grade, Middle School or High School. Teachers will likely see students understanding more the importance of learning in relation to their futures following this event. This program is great as a pre or post holiday activity for students.

Donations are used to pay for necessities like the printing of account ledgers used at each booth by students.

This is a product of INFBPW\Indiana Women's Education Foundation, Inc. Any future use requires prior notification to Indiana Women's Education Foundation, Inc. 765-345-9812, e-mail infbpw @ centurylink.net

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Yoga Clear

Today the fitness and mental health of students has become an important issue.

Yoga Clear brings yoga instructors to school campuses to provide regular classes for students.

With fitness in mind, yoga offers numerous benefits such as increased strength, flexibility, and decreased blood pressure ensuring kids stay active and moving.

To address mental health, regular yoga practice can help our youth feel calm, centered, and in control promoting a mind-body connection while still having fun.

Donations are used to help pay for yoga supplies and other necessities or you can drop off your own used yoga equipment.

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The Martial Arts Solution

“Self Respect through Self Defense” is the goal of the The Martial Arts Solution by teaching students the skills to avoid and defuse verbal and physical conflict while simultaneously raising their self-worth.

This program can be used to improve the self respect of both the bully and the bullied to break this destructive cycle. This is also a great source of exercise for students who may be lacking in physical activity putting them at risk for future health problems such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

The Martial Arts Solution is made possible by local Martial Arts Academies partnering with schools to bring their pro self-discipline / anti-bullying programs to a growing number of nearby campuses. The program is held during or after school depending on the arrangements made between the school and the martial arts academy.

Each Martial Arts Academy has developed their own self defense program that has received approval from the school for use on their campus.

Donations are used to pay for necessities like instructor transportation costs.

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