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The Triple Win Project

The Triple Win Project is where School Improvement, Volunteerism, and Buy Local Meet. Essentially, we team up schools with volunteers and local businesses to provide innovative programs to schools.

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The Program

The Program can be a one time event or a recurring course held on school campuses either during or after school. The Program can also supplement student learning in some other way like providing materials.

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The Concerned Citizen

It's up to the Concerned Citizen whether it's a parent, customer of the sponsor, or simply someone looking to make a difference to advocate for the program to be brought to their neighborhood school.

To do this, we have a form available that you can fill out and take to your child's teacher or give to the school's counselor informing them about the program and resources on how to get it started.

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Another great way to help is by donating money and/or materials to your program of choice along with encouraging others through social media and in public to do the same. Some sponsors provide discounts to donors who provide printed proof of their donation. Discount offers are listed with each sponsored program.

Click here for a list of programs currently taking Donations.

The School

The School has final approval on the sponsor, the instructor, along with how and when the program will take place whether it's once a week after school, twice a month during school hours, or some other arrangement. Programs are provided to schools completely free thanks to local sponsors.

These programs are also available to summer camps, youth organizations, congregations, and similar organizations that serve the role as a school in the community.

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The Volunteer

The Volunteer can be an instructor, a studio, or organization.

In the case of the instructors and studios, they are responsible for developing the school approved course along with when and how far they're willing to commute to teach their course on campus.

For organizations, they supply the volunteer base for programs requiring several people.

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The Sponsor

The Sponsor can be a locally owned business or organization like a PTA who provides funding on a monthly basis for as long as they choose.

This funding will be used to buy materials and compensate the instructor for travel costs and other necessities.

Program sponsorships are broken into seasonal blocks: Fall(Sep-Nov), Winter(Jan-Mar), Spring(April-May), and Summer(June-August).

The sponsorship cost is very economical and depending on the sponsor package you choose, you can receive a promotional video for your business or organization, website listing, promotional posters, along with an online donation page to help raise funds for the event.

In fact, the donation page gives sponsors the opportunity to reduce their sponsor fees and even get a return in the process.

This is because half of each donation received goes towards the program, and a majority of the other half goes towards the sponsor, providing you with an incentive to continue promoting the program and raising funds for it.

Donations are non tax deductible, however sponsors are encouraged, but not required, to offer a discount to donors who provide proof of their donation.

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