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The Martial Arts Solution
Instructors & Form

Special Thanks to Ultimate Martial Arts & Fitness for all their help with this program!

Participating Martial Arts Studios:

Ultimate Martial Arts & Fitness - All of Alamance County
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  • Status: Available

  • Current Schools:
    Newlin Elementary
    Graham Middle
    Graham High
    Southern Middle
    Woodlawn Middle
    Eastern High
    Southern High
    N. Graham Elementary
    S. Graham Elementary
    Hawfields Middle
    Hawbridges Charter School
    Grove Park Elementary
    Clover Garden
    Haw River Elementary

  • Certification:
    We have offered PE Classes, Bully Programs, and Character Programs to the above schools - different school choose different programs. We also volunteer in the Junior Achievement Program.

  • Willing to go without Sponsorship:
    (if necessary)

    Yes, as long as necessary.

  • Program Details:
    Through Martial Arts, we strive to strengthen the overall character and physical fitness of each child. The Ultimate Kidz Zone program builds on that foundation to accelerate emotional and educational readiness for school.

    This trial program is designed to introduce adults to martial arts. Our Adults Basic Program will enhance one's flexibility, toning, basic self defense, weight loss, and conditioning. This is a great program for adults who do not have prior experience.

  • Contact Info:
    336-226-6100    ultimatemartialart @ triad.twcbc.com    ultimatemartialart.net

  • Click Here to download the form to fill out and give to your student's teacher and/or counselor.

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